Social Media for Baby Boomers

Sure, you could hire someone who has pierced body parts and tattoos for those parts that aren't pierced to try to demystify the phenomenally expanding use of Social Media for your audience.

Successful business people need a speaker who is not a technology geek to be able to explain it to them - in terms they can actually understand.

These business people are fascinated not by the technology (like many Social Media speakers are) but rather by how they can use this expanding trend to actually benefit themselves and their businesses, and how can they use the tools to promote themselves and their businesses on a shoestring budget.

Have an experienced Baby Boomer explain why and how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media to your Baby Boomers - in ways your audience can actually relate to.

For instance, do you realize that the fastest growth in Facebook users is now among females age 55 to 65?

In our entertaining, fast-paced session, your client will discover:

  • A form of marketing that always works
  • The differences among the popular Social Media sites
  • The correct use of these tools in marketing to their potential clients
  • How to get their current clients to sell for them - at no cost

Ted Janusz is a professional speaker, author and marketing consultant who has been invited to appear on Geraldo at Large on the Fox News Network to share his business insights. Now he shares them with you!

Janusz has conducted nearly 500 full-day seminars in 48 of the 50 United States (exceptions: Montana and Wyoming), and in Puerto Rico and across Canada. He is also a runner who has covered over 30,000 miles. As a result, Janusz has the energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experience to ignite your audience and handle any environment.

Ted presents his Social Media Marketing workshops in Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans and other cities across the country. Attendees of these workshops range from representatives of government agencies who have limited budgets to reach their clientele, to casino employees looking for new ways to reach high-stakes players.

Through a nationwide American Idol-like search, Janusz was also selected as one of the 13 instructors to conduct "eBay University" for eBay at sites across the country. Hundreds of attendees gathered at each site to find out how to set up their own businesses on the online auction site.

Janusz is a member of the National Speakers Association of Ohio. He earned his M.B.A. in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh.


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